Shared Stories, rights agency Amsterdam

Are you interested in the translation, film, television or theatre rights of one of our books? Would you like to know more about what we can offer, or are you looking for a publication on a specific topic?

Shared Stories, Rights Agency Amsterdam, sells the rights for authors of VBK to publishers and film and television producers at home and abroad. For questions and information, please contact Dorien van Londen on +31 (0)6 21 824 000 or at See also

The dinner, in (online) book stores, theatres and cinemas around the world

Our greatest hit to date has been Het diner (The dinner) by Herman Koch, published by Ambo|Anthos.

  • We sold the translation rights to 42 publishers. The book is currently available in 40 languages in more than 50 countries and three million copies have been sold worldwide.
  • Various theatre companies have also bought the theatre rights from us. The dinner is being staged in theatres around the world, including in Finland (Oulou City Theatre), Germany (various theatres including in Hamburg, Ingolstadt and Bautzen), Belgium (Theatre Namur) and Chile (Teatro Mori Parque Aranco).
  • Film producers in the Netherlands, the US and Italy bought the film rights.