About VBK

Connecting authors with readers – it is something we dedicate ourselves to every day. Our goal: to enrich as many readers as possible with the beautiful work of our authors.

Werken bij VBK

We represent more than 7,500 writers. We create a stage in the Netherlands for foreign authors like Jeff Kinney, Jamie Oliver, Nicci French, Dan Brown and Haruki Murakami. We provide guidance to our home-grown writers like Herman Koch, Simone van der Vlugt, Geert Mak, Esther Verhoef, Adriaan van Dis and many others in producing and marketing their texts. We also provide support in selling the translation, film, television and theatre rights to their work at home and abroad.

We are a group of fiction and non-fiction publishers: Ambo|Anthos, AnkhHermes, Atlas Contact, KokBoekencentrum, De Fontein Uitgevers, Houtekiet, Kosmos Uitgevers, Luitingh-Sijthoff, Omniboek, Ten Have, Van Dale and Veen Media. Together, we are the market leader in general books. From literature to children’s books and from philosophy to food: name a subject and we will have a book or e-book about it.

We are enterprising and innovative. The publishing world is changing and we are pleased with the opportunities this offers.

  • We approach everything with the reader in mind. We work closely with online and offline retailers, set up communities (such as InspirerendLeven.nl, Filosofie.nl and De Club van Echte Lezers), try to enrich readers not only with books but also with other products and services (such as a pit-stop session for readers of Filosofie Magazine) and develop dictionary apps for mobile devices.
  • In order to generate attention for our products, we not only make use of traditional public relations, but also online marketing and original marketing campaigns. We produce podcasts, devise social media campaigns, organise cover model competitions and produce books with popular social media accounts, such as Fajah Lourens, Monica Geuze, Annegien Schilling and Marjolein Dubbers.
  • We support business customers with our products and services by producing tailor-made gift books for their customers and employees, mediating on behalf of our authors as speakers at their events on a whole range of subjects, working with companies to attract and retain customers and providing our content for their marketing purposes (such as our recipes, which appear in the sponsored magazine of DEEN supermarkets).

We also use data to build valuable customer relationships, invest in subscription models and keep a close eye on the international market to enhance the opportunities of our authors.

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